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What to Expect During Recovery After Plastic Surgery in Claremont?

What to Expect During Recovery After Plastic Surgery in Claremont?
You’ve done sufficient research and consulted with a leading plastic surgeon in Claremont, and you’re convinced that plastic surgery is right for you. Understanding the recovery process after cosmetic surgery is critical to achieving your desired results.
While experiences vary depending on each patient’s situation and the type of procedure, a general overview of the healing process can help you plan and know what to expect during recovery.
Let’s explore some of the common issues you may experience during recovery after plastic or reconstructive surgery.
General Discomfort in the First 24 Hours
You may experience some pain and general discomfort as the drugs administered during the surgery begin to wear off, and your face may feel sensitive and tender. Your plastic surgeon will often prescribe some pain medications to ease the discomfort.
Be sure to eat something before taking these medications. Consider eating bland, soft foods with low sodium content to prevent excessive swelling. Taking pain medications when you’re hungry can result in nausea.
If you received general anesthesia, you might feel nauseated when you wake up. Inform the nurse when you feel nauseous, and they’ll give you some medications to ease the experience. It’s also normal to have an itchy or sore throat in the first 24 hours after surgery, and throat lozenges can help in this situation.
Swelling After Facial Surgery
Swelling is a common side effect of cosmetic procedures, usually signifying a normal healing process. It’s normal to experience swelling a few days after a neck lift or face-lift. You may also experience the following:
The neck and face feel tight
Trouble turning your head or smiling fully
Difficulty opening your mouth
These issues can be distressing, but it’s normal. It’s advisable to avoid excessive movements of the neck, mouth, or face during the first few days after facial surgery. Any reputable surgeon plastic surgeon in Claremont will advise you to keep your head elevated, especially when sleeping.
This practice helps optimize the blood supply in your face, promote faster healing, and ease some pressure.
Several Months of Tingling or Numbness
Your facial tissues have a heavy network of tiny nerves, some of which get cut during plastic surgery. While the nerves regenerate, it often takes time.
Large nerves may get stretched, resulting in numbness or tingling sensation that can last for a few weeks up to a year, depending on the severity of the stretch. If you feel numb or experience a tingling sensation in any part of your face after surgery, don’t panic. The feeling will wear off over time.
It’s worth noting that cosmetic surgery like browlift, breast reconstruction, or body contouring differs from other surgical procedures since it significantly alters your appearance. So, it may take a while to accept your new look.
Now that you know what to expect during recovery after plastic surgery, choosing certified and experienced cosmetic surgeons is critical for the best results. If you need a reliable plastic surgeon in Claremont, please contact us at Dr. Dev Wali Integrated Med Spa And Plastic Surgery to discuss your options or give us a call 909 992 0389 to schedule your appointment today.

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