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The Most Popular Mole Removal Trends in Rancho Cucamonga

The Most Popular Mole Removal Trends in Rancho Cucamonga

Are you curious about mole removal in Rancho Cucamonga? Learn about the most popular mole removal procedures with Dr. Dev Wali Integrative Med Spa & Plastic Surgery.

Why Mole Removal Procedures are Popular

Moles are typically the result of genetics and exposure to the sun over time. Moles are surprisingly common and show a little variety, including:

  • Raised moles – may range in size, depth, and color
  • Flat moles – may appear to be a dark spot in the skin
  • Skin tags – a skin excess with a narrow stalk

Many people opt for mole removal purely for cosmetic purposes. In most cases, moles are harmless, but your surgeon can remove benign moles for cosmetic reasons after an in-person consultation.

Why Remove Moles?

Even though most moles are benign, it is vital to check each suspicious mole for signs of abnormality or atypical development. These signs include:

  • Uneven color
  • Irregular borders
  • New, large growths
  • Changes in shape

These irregularities in one or more moles may call for a lab test of the growth to rule out skin cancer.

Don’t forget to check any moles hidden on your scalp, upper back, or even your feet. You can perform self-checks at home or ask professionals like Dr. Wali or your primary care physician to check any moles you worry about.

Popular Types of Mole Removal

Learn more about the most common methods of removing unwanted moles below.

Mole Excision

Some individuals may need complete surgical excision to remove the entire mole. While some scarring is unavoidable, our surgical team takes every step through the surgery and healing process to minimize the appearance of scars. Trust Dr. Wali for total mole removal in Rancho Cucamonga.

The procedure is very simple for your surgeon to perform, only requiring local anesthetic and the appropriate blade to remove the entire mole from above and below the skin’s surface.

Once the doctor removes the growth, he will use one or two layers of stitches to bring the skin together and provide an aftercare plan so the area can heal as smoothly as possible.

Laser Mole Lightening

Flat moles or moles in certain locations of the body often respond well to a laser procedure to lighten the appearance. Your medical professional will numb the area around the mole, apply the laser treatment as necessary, and instruct you in the aftercare process.

Is Mole Removal Right for You?

Are you ready to take the next step and talk to a professional about mole removal in Rancho Cucamonga? Contact the skilled team at Dr. Dev Wali Integrative Med Spa & Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation and discuss the best options for your treatment.

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