Skin Cancer Reconstruction

As the largest and most visible organ of our body, it is no surprise that our skin can produce a number of appearance and health-related issues.

Dr. Dev Wali is highly trained in both cosmetic and reconstructive skin surgery, specializing in reconstructive surgery after skin cancer, removal of lesions, skin grafting and mole removal.

Regaining Looks And Function After Cancer

Patients suffering from skin cancer of the face have an extremely difficult challenge; not only have they had to deal with all the issues relating to the cancer itself, but also the treatment and removal of that cancer may leave them with damage that can be physical and also psychological, as their identity defined by their face may be significantly altered.

While the damage caused by skin cancer cannot be reversed, careful facial reconstruction performed by the highly skilled Dr. Wali can at least look to improve any defects and return the individual’s facial form and function as close to normal as possible.
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Types of treatment

There are number of procedures that are possible, depending on the patient’s needs:

Mole removal can be both a cosmetic procedure and/or a health related procedure, depending on the status of the mole as being either cancerous or benign.

Facial skin grafting may be necessary where reconstruction is required. This is particularly beneficial if the damage is in a very prominent area of the face and the patient cannot easily hide or disguise the damage from view.

Both facial skin grafting and mole removal require a high level of surgical expertise and artistic skill if it is to be done with minimal scarring. Dr. Wali is highly trained in advanced microsurgery and places his focus on ensuring minimization of any potential scarring, leaving his patients with healthy and aesthetically pleasing results.

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Kind Words From Happy Patients

We are so privileged to have been able to look after so many patients that are thrilled with their results.

Raquel L.Glendora, CA
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I had an earlobe reduction performed by Dr. Wali. He and his assistant walked me through the whole process and made me feel at ease. Dr. Wali was open to any and all questions I had after the procedure. The COVID precautions the office is taking are great! I felt safe the whole time. Thank you Dr. Wali & staff for a great experience!
Tylor D.Colorado Springs, CO
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I went in to Dr. Wali to see if he would be able to reconstruct my 2 inch earlobes. I had my ears stretched for many years and they were fairly thin and I was worried about the amount of skin there was to work with. Worrying was ridiculous because Dr. Wali did a beautiful job re-creating them and the shape is perfect. They healed up wonderfully and I was able to get them re-pierced in time for a ceremony. He not only fixed my ears he also helped me feel like a new person entirely.

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