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Mole removal is a relatively fast and simple surgical procedure and usually requires very little recovery time. It is more than a simple outpatient procedure; it can be a life-changing experience for many. The surrounding skin and its health play a vital role in how the skin heals after any particular procedure. When moles grow or change, it becomes paramount to consider their removal for both cosmetic and health reasons.

As a plastic surgeon for mole removal in Claremont, Dr. Wali’s expertise ensures that the skin cells around the mole remain undisturbed, promoting a smoother healing process and potentially boosting one’s self-confidence while ensuring minimal scarring.

Types Of Moles

While most moles are completely harmless, it is essential to get any mole checked if it changes shape, color, or size, especially if something suddenly changes after a long time. It is also important to check moles that are not easily visible, especially on the back, neck, and shoulders, which may be exposed to the sun regularly.

  • Flat Moles – These moles are any dark spots or irregularity in the skin.

  • Raised Moles – These moles can be a variety of colors and run deeper than flat moles.

  • Skin Tags – These moles are small skin growths that may have a small narrow stalk. They are usually skin-colored or occasionally darker in color and are usually painless.

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Get The Best Laser Mole Removal Results in Claremont, CA

When you call us for laser mole removal near you in Claremont, Dr. Wali removes a mole or mass from the face. He considers the whole face and not just the area where the mole is located. By considering the whole face, Dr. Wali takes into account the location of muscles used for facial expression as well as where the natural lines of tension exist.

This allows him to avoid areas of scar formation and produce a clean, minimal result. Removing facial moles is easy for any physician to do, but Dr. Wali is committed to removing facial moles in the least invasive and cosmetically superior way.

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Mole Removal Method

The best mole removal method is dependent upon the characteristics of the mole to be removed, including its size, shape, and color. Dr. Wali in Claremont typically removes by the excision method. In your consultation, Dr. Wali will discuss which technique is best for your mole.

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Excision Or Technique

Preferring the excision technique, Dr. Wali typically avoids using electrocautery or laser for mole removal. He believes in offering the least invasive yet most effective method, keeping the surrounding skin’s health and healing process in mind.

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Recovery Time

There is no method to remove a mole without scar formation. The goal of Dr. Wali’s techniques is to minimize the size and appearance of the scar. Dr. Wali is a board certified plastic surgeon in Claremont and uses surgery techniques and wound healing science to get the best mole removal outcomes. Most important is the avoidance of sun exposure to the mole removal area for six weeks up to six months.

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Kind Words From Happy Patients

We are so privileged to have been able to look after so many patients that are thrilled with their results.

Raquel L.Glendora, CA
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I had an earlobe reduction performed by Dr. Wali. He and his assistant walked me through the whole process and made me feel at ease. Dr. Wali was open to any and all questions I had after the procedure. The COVID precautions the office is taking are great! I felt safe the whole time. Thank you Dr. Wali & staff for a great experience!
Tylor D.Colorado Springs, CO
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I went in to Dr. Wali to see if he would be able to reconstruct my 2 inch earlobes. I had my ears stretched for many years and they were fairly thin and I was worried about the amount of skin there was to work with. Worrying was ridiculous because Dr. Wali did a beautiful job re-creating them and the shape is perfect. They healed up wonderfully and I was able to get them re-pierced in time for a ceremony. He not only fixed my ears he also helped me feel like a new person entirely.

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