How to Speed Up Your Recovery After Chin Lipo in Claremont

How To Speed Up Your Recovery After Chin Lipo in Claremont

When a person has excess fat or fluid on their chin, it can create a droopy appearance, or even hide their chin entirely. In these cases, chin liposuction might be the best way to reshape a face. Chin lipo in Claremont is safe when performed by the experts at Dr. Dev Wali Integrated Med Spa and Plastic Surgery, but there is some recovery time afterward.

We want you to have a safe and comfortable recovery, so let’s talk for a minute about how to prepare for the surgery, and how to take care of yourself afterward.

Tips For a Speedy Recovery After a Claremont Chin Lipo

I.  Plan ahead

After the surgery, you’re not going to be feeling like doing much for the next couple of days, so be prepared. 

1 – Most importantly, arrange for a ride home. You will not be safe to drive after the surgery, due to the anesthetics and pain medications.

2 – We also recommend doing all necessary paperwork ahead of time, as well as preparing your prescriptions. You really aren’t going to be in a state to fill out forms afterward. 

3 – Prepare a recovery space at home, such as your couch or bed. Have pillows, water, your laptop, and anything else you need to be comfortable ready, and waiting, so you can just lie down and relax once you are home.

4 – Take some time off from work. This is less critical if you work from home, but assume you’ll need at least 48-72 hours before you’re really ready for work. Take five days off if you can wrangle it, for an easier recovery.

II. Keep wearing your compression garment

The compression garment is a critical part of recovery, even if it looks a little silly. It should not be removed at all, except briefly for bathing/cleaning, for at least a week. Afterward, you can take it off during the day when you’re out of your home, but we recommend wearing it whenever possible – especially overnight – for at least a month.

III.  Eat plenty of protein

Your body needs protein to heal. Even if it goes against your normal diet, this is an important exception. Eat as much protein as you can to speed up the recovery.

Dr. Dev Wali Integrated Med Spa and Plastic Surgery

Dr. Dev Wali Integrated Med Spa and Plastic Surgery offers safe, highly skillful chin lipo in Claremont. Please contact us to schedule a consultation, or just to learn more.

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