Botox Treatment in Claremont, CA & Inland Empire area

Botox in Claremont accomplishes so much more than diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. This simple procedure can rejuvenate your lips, frown lines, jawline, and more. Dr. Dev Wali has a unique approach to bringing back your skin’s natural beauty at our Med Spa and Plastic Surgery clinic.

In the realm of aesthetic medicine, Botox stands out as a transformative treatment. Have you previously used skin care products and facials to address skin conditions but needed more substantial results? Botox paralyzes the facial muscles when injected, thus preventing lines from forming. Also, it adds volume to the treatment area, creating a fuller, youthful appearance.

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Skin Health

Over time, your skin takes on a lot of wear and tear. Daily stressors, combined with the natural effects of aging and potential sun damage, take a toll on your skin health. Botox treatment in Claremont is one of our most popular services that maintains your natural beauty while preventing the facial creasing caused by day-to-day life.

As you age, you’ll often notice lines appearing on your forehead, around your eyes, and near your mouth. Unlike fillers, Botox only lasts a few months. However, it provides quick, affordable procedures to take care of lines and keep your skin smooth. Dr. Wali offers monthly specials so you can continue to receive treatments at a price you’ll love, and boost your self-confidence.

Natural Beauty

Botox offers many benefits. Ladies prefer Botox treatments to transform their skin while allowing them to maintain an incredibly natural look. After one appointment at our med spa clinic, you’ll see instant results.

Before your first appointment with a botox doctor, we’ll schedule a consultation. Then, we’ll determine which service best suits your needs depending on your skin concerns. Once you choose a service, we can begin treatment. For example, for smoother skin with less texture, we may recommend a chemical peel treatment or laser facial.


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Acne Scars

Your skin issues may extend beyond fine lines. Acne scarring forms after active acne has been disturbed, the irritation and inflammation can lead to long-lasting scarring and blemishes. Our Integrative Med Spa uses a customized mix of proper skin care, facials, and chemical peels to help clear up scarring from acne.

If you’re confused about going for Botox or dermal fillers, our experienced team in Claremont can point you in the right direction for all your skin care needs.

Skin Care

Our plastic surgeons in Southern California can address any skin care services you need with a short consultation. Whether you want a botox treatment or dermal fillers in Claremont to improve your skin texture, we provide comprehensive services tailored to your skin care needs.

Dr. Dev Wali at Integrative Med Spa and Plastic Surgery provides comprehensive skin treatments like botox injections, treatment for facial wrinkles and forehead lines to keep you looking and feeling your best. Our services include botox, chemical peels, laser facials, injectables, medical skin care, and laser hair removal.

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Kind Words From Happy Patients

We are so privileged to have been able to look after so many patients that are thrilled with their results.

Kimberly C.San Francisco, CA
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Dr. Wali and his staff are so nice and helpful. When I had an emergency accident they were very proactive to get me scheduled for an emergency procedure and continued to check on my healing recovery. As months went by Dr.Wali always asked if I was pleased with the work and I was always so pleased. Once I was completely healed up I had another procedure done on my lip and that came out so perfect! I thought I knew what I wanted but Dr. Wali assured me that what I wanted wouldn't come out the way I expected so he suggested another way and I am so pleased with the end result. I really appreciate Dr. Wali's professional opinions because now I feel amazing. Thank you Dr. Wali, I really appreciate everything you have done for me!
Kristi M.Helendale, CA
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This place was a great experience! From my consultation with Dr.Wali to my Botox done by Linell. She was so kind and very experienced like everything I have read on her. She doesn't try to oversell you or do too much that's not necessary. My face looks natural and beautiful! I look forward to my next appointment! 🙂
Holly V.Montclair, CA
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Linell is hands down the most amazing. Went in for lips and omg exceeded expectations. She will be the only one I let touch my face for anything. Thank you so much, will be seeing you soon.
Stephanie A.Chino, CA
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Linell is seriously AMAZING! She is very precise with all of her work and always delivers the best results. I've had Botox/Carboxy done. I highly recommend her to anybody looking for aesthetic services. Also, the staff here are extremely sweet and welcoming!
Nat S.Upland, CA
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The office staff is so professional and greeted me with a warm welcome. Checking in was so quick and easy. I went in to see Linell, (MedSpa). She makes you feel like family. Her technique and touch is so gentle. Linell explained every detail of the procedure, and answered all my questions thoroughly. I didn't feel rushed or pressured. I'll be coming back for more "procedures" in the near future and will highly recommend this office to all of my family and friends.
Vincent G.Pomona, CA
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Today was my 2nd time here. I've been very happy every time. The staff at the front office are helpful and friendly (specifically Britaney since she helped me on both visits). Linnell, the nurse that treated me for my Botox and chemical peel is very professional. She explained the procedures beforehand very eloquently and answered any concerns. She has a bubbly beautiful personality and made me feel comfortable. I'm looking forward to all my future treatments at this location and I highly recommend people to give this place a shot.

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