About Dr. Dev Wali Integrative Med Spa & Plastic Surgery

The practice is based in Claremont, CA, in the Inland Empire area of Southern California and boasts an enviable location within easy reach of major highways for easy access. The practice itself is spacious and comfortable, allowing patients to meet with Dr. Wali or his team in relaxing surroundings for their consultation. There are also a number of onsite surgical and/or clinical rooms equipped with the latest equipment that are maintained to the highest of standards with strict hygiene protocols in place, to ensure your safety at all times. We have a policy of maintaining the highest confidentiality for all our patients and offer a discreet service to respect the privacy of all our visitors and patients.

About Dr.Dev Wali

Dr. Dev Wali is a well-respected, board-certified plastic surgeon serving patients across the greater Los Angeles area. He has a unique approach to plastic surgery as his life and work passions combine seamlessly to bring true beauty to every client.

His life-long passion for art, coupled with his dedication to science has seen him create extraordinary results for his clients and earned him an excellent reputation for patient care.

With over 10 years’ experience and a portfolio of impressive qualifications, Dr. Wali is the go-to surgeon for anyone seeking the best version of themselves in Los Angeles.

Dr. Wali received his undergraduate education from USC Los Angeles and UCLA. He received his medical degree from State University of New York.

About Linell Wagers RN, BSN

Linell Wagers is a certified aesthetic specialist, who began her career as a registered nurse in 2001 and continues to practice in the field of oncology. This particular area of nursing has enabled Linell to provide the same compassionate, holistic care to her patients as she would to people in her other work, suffering from life-changing and often life-ending diseases.

LinelI is acutely aware of the importance of prevention and maintenance regarding skin ailments and aging and since training in Aesthetic Nursing in 2007, has continued to provide clients with effective interventions and practical illness prevention strategies to address their skin concerns.

Linell is committed to helping people with non-invasive, anti-aging and safe procedures. Her particular strength lies in communicating effectively with her patients to develop a more natural enhancement of facial and body features.

Linell graduated from the University of Azusa with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She continued her education with a certification in Aesthetic medicine.

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