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Voted Top Plastic Surgeon for Los Angeles & Inland Empire

Blending Art and Science to Create Beauty

Plastic surgery is a blend of science and the artistic understanding of beauty. Throughout his career in Southern California, Dr. Wali has combined his keen aesthetic sense with the technical mastery required for a top plastic surgeon. He has learned the most advanced cosmetic and reconstructive procedures available like breast augmentation, breast reduction and various other cosmetic procedures.


Breast Augmentation

Passion for Beauty.

Achieve beautiful and voluminous breasts designed to fit your body. Dr. Wali’s emphasis on natural-looking breast enhancement and unique ability to simulate natural curvature and breast symmetry has made breast augmentation surgery one the most popular procedures performed at Plastic Surgery Socal.

Full Voluminous and symmetrical breasts.

Accurate breast dimensions that fit your frame.

Beautiful and natural looking results!

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Realize your Ageless Allure

Renew your skin and revitalize your appearance with Dr. Wali’s rejuvenating and anti-aging treatments performed at our Plastic Surgery Socal MEDSPA.

Tummy Tuck

Get Bikini ready with natural-looking results and undetectable scarring.

Diet and exercise are not always enough to combat waistline problems. Dr. Wali’s advanced Tummy Tuck technique and expert belly button placement has gained him recognition as Inland Empire’s top Plastic Surgeon.

Low and centralized belly button placement.

Tightening of stomach muscles for a sleek abdomen.

Low and thoughtful placement of scars undetectable below bikini line.

Body contouring to create natural hills and valleys.

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Earlobe Surgery

Perfect your facial symmetry

As major focal points of your face your ears have a strong impression on your overall appearance. A torn, deformed or split earlobe can detract from your natural beauty. If your earlobes have been separated by a tear or they are significantly stretched enough to cause deformity, earlobe repair surgery may be the recommended option for you. Patients with naturally long, detached earlobes may also choose earlobe repair surgery to reduce their size.


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